Linda N. Masi Among The Finalists Of The International Book Awards 2024 ( Best New Fiction Category )

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Nigerian writer, Linda N. Masi has been unveiled as a top finalist of the International Book Award 2024 for the Best New Fiction Category with her book, “Fine Dreams”, published by the University Of Massachusetts Press

Set in a fictional town, at a fictional school, Linda N. Masi’s debut novel, “Fine Dreams”, rewrites myth and history. Framed by a ghost’s first-person narrative, the book centers on four young friends, the stars of their school’s track team. While studying for exams, they are kidnapped and taken to a terrorist encampment. Two are claimed as “wives” by their captors, one is forced to wear a suicide vest, and each is subjected to appalling violence and terror. While their stories resonate with a widely publicized 2014 abduction, these four young women could have been involved in any of the many incidents that have plagued the Nigerian people for years. In Masi’s telling, these resilient young women recover their dreams and hope to live in daylight once again. No matter where they travel or where they stay, they gain self-determination and reclaim their dreams.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the International Book Awards has been a cornerstone for self-published and indie authors seeking to elevate their work in a competitive marketplace. Over their 16-year history, thousands of authors have harnessed the promotional power of the awards to significantly boost their online presence, enhance their book’s credibility, and stand out amidst the myriad of titles available to readers. Sponsored by The American Book Fest, the award is home to the most notable names in literature and beyond From Amy Tan to Daymond John, from Anne Lamott to Pope Francis, winners of the International Book Award and Best Book Award who have all gone on to achieve global recognition and success. 

Linda N. Masi holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi and is completing a PhD in creative writing at Texas Tech University. Her work has appeared in Tupelo Quarterly and Blackberry: A Magazine, and she is the author of a children’s book series as well as a book of poetry.

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Congratulations Linda!


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