The Poetry Journal Unveils the 2024 Poetry Journal Prize Winner and Runners-Up

You are currently viewing The Poetry Journal Unveils the 2024 Poetry Journal Prize Winner and Runners-Up

The Poetry Journal has revealed the overall winner of the Poetry Journal Prize 2024, as well as the runners-up. They are as follows.


  • “Blood Ties” by Abu Ibrahim

Abu Ibrahim (IB) is a published Nigerian poet. He has performed at the Pa Gya Literary Festival in Ghana, Lagos International Poetry Festival, Say It Out Lagos, and more.

He is the recipient of the Lagos State University (LASU) Debate Society Impact Maker Award for Storytelling and Outstanding Impact, and the 2023 winner of the Port Harcourt Poetry Festival Poetry/Spoken Word Poetry Album of the Year – for his debut poetry album; Music Has Failed Us.

Abu Ibrahim, Winner of the 2024 Poetry Journal Prize

First Runner-Up

  • “Postpartum Depression in Men” by Shiloh Okparanma

Shiloh Okparanma is a writer and poet resident in Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt and founder of a literary community during his university days. He enjoys reading fictional novels with poetic profoundness (with his favourite being – The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

1st Runner-Up Prize Winner, Shiloh Okparanma

Second Runner-Up

  • “Premonition” by Olawunmi Shobola

Olawunmi Shobola is a Nigerian lawyer based in Toronto, Canada. She finds self-expression through poetry, short stories, and drawing. She is currently working on a collection of literary works for publication.

2nd Runner-Up Prize Winner, Olawunmi Shobola

The Poetry Journal is dedicated to redefining African narratives by celebrating the diverse and multifaceted stories of the continent. They focus on presenting literature that goes beyond political and social themes, showcasing individual adventures, family and community life, culture, romance, humour, and personal experiences. This follows their mission which is to provide a platform for African writers to tell their unique and personal stories, creating a more balanced and complete portrayal of Africa and its people.

Congratulations to Abu Ibrahim, Okparanma, and Shobola on their remarkable feat!


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