The architecture of happiness

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Fragility. Delicate and fragile.
Too soft to the touch of even a single dainty

Romanticized. Romanticized and idealized.
So sought after, yet so enigmatic and hazy
like the sky when it weeps in longing for the

We yearn and lust after an intangible concept
in desperate pursuit of feeling something we
will never be ready to accept

Enticing. Enticing and addictive.
So much like the love she once shared with
Only to be left, brokenhearted yet again.

Intricate. Intricate and flawed.
Dark, detailed, depth in its imperfections
yet it still glimmers with its
silly little silver linings

So be careful, sweet creature
with the happiness you so strongly desire
as in the endless chase, you might find it backfire.

Faith Brown

Faith Brown

Faith Brown is a 19-year-old aspiring writer based in Cape Town. They matriculated in 2022 and are currently pursuing a visual communications degree while exploring their passion for poetry through writing. Alongside their academic pursuits, Faith enjoys experimenting with fashion, spending quality time with loved ones, and immersing themselves in nature's beauty. Their feline companion, Luna, often provides them with a sense of comfort during their creative sessions.