Marvellous Michael Anson Brings Yoruba Culture to Life in Fantasy Book 

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Nigerian author Marvellous Michael Anson is set to publish her trilogy, Firstborn of the Sun, with Penguin Michael Joseph, a division of Penguin Books UK. The first book of the trilogy is scheduled for release in 2025.

Firstborn of the Sun follows the story of Lọ́rẹ, who has hidden her lack of sun-magic for years, fearing for her life. When her best friend Alawani faces near certain death at the hands of the Holy Order, Lọ́rẹ discovers the power of shadow and ice within her, setting her on a path to a destiny that will shatter everything she knows.

Marvellous describes her writing process: 

Writing Firstborn of the Sun was like weaving spells of magic and hoping that they bloom in someone’s heart as pure wonder. As a Yoruba woman, stories are the foundation of my culture. In this book are many tales of old as told by my grandmother, and I am excited to bring you all on this remarkably dramatic journey through the fiery deserts of Oru.”

According to the Bookseller, Firstborn Of The Sun is an ambitious, multiple-viewpoint tale of first love and loyalty, magic and royalty, politics, betrayal, and heart-pounding action, set in a lush new world inspired by Yoruba culture and mythology.

Marvellous Michael Anson, best-selling author of Birthmarked, is dedicated to providing her readers with fast-paced, high-stakes stories that explore the multi-faceted human condition. She wrote and produced an award-winning short film in 2016 and is a recipient of the 2017 AFRIFF Film School Scholarship Program. Marvellous works as a technology consultant during the day and a storyteller at night. She is a member of the Society of Authors, Alliance of Independent Authors, and Abuja Literary Society.

We eagerly anticipate the release of your trilogy, Marvellous!


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