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the seasons changed again
Did you stay the same?
There is no way for me to know, all my life you escaped me, you never stayed in my life long
enough for me to understand
The lighting always changed
All I Know of you, my father, is that you are exactly like me.

Things are gonna change, I can feel it
The constant refrain of my early teen years
The backing track of visits with you always repeating, | can feel it | can feel it | can feel it.

For over a decade | watched a man dying.
There were no car crashes, nor any cancer.
Just an intangible parasite eating at whatever kept you going
For 14 years | watched a man implode
And I couldn’t do anything to help.
you pushed me away and kept your secrets close to your heart, you became a quiet seething mass.

I’m not angry at you. I love you
I will always love you
I understand why you did everything you did.
I’m not angry at you.

I want to say you’re okay
I want to say It’s all right
I want to tell you that you did nothing wrong
You’re not a bad person
You’ve always been as good as you could be.

Sarah True

Sarah True

Sarah True is a 19-year-old poet from Cape Town, South Africa. Her love for writing blossomed as an outlet for her thoughts and feelings. Inspired by the Gothic era, music from the 2000s, and all things spooky, she weaves words that delve into the depths of the human experience. Sarah finds comfort in poetry, allowing her emotions to flow onto the page. She invites readers to join her on a journey of introspection and release.

Sarah taught herself to read at the age of three, and her love of literature has been growing since then. She enjoys nature and spending time with her friends and family. Her biggest aspiration in life is to work in publishing.