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With their published works forming the creative framework for discussion, the eclectic collection of writers, poets, and visual artists curated in this year’s festival lineup will explore the delights, dangers, past dreams, present conditions, and future challenges of storytelling in the country, Africa, and the world.

The Doek Literary Festival is hosted every two years in Namibia. It celebrates Namibian literature alongside literary artists from Africa and the African diaspora.

The festival seeks to nurture and grow the country’s reading and writing culture while providing a creative and immersive space for encountering the works of Namibian and African writers, poets, and visual artists. It also provides unique learning and creative exchange opportunities through workshops, readings, and performances.

Each edition of the festival focuses on a particular field of literary creation that is published in Doek! Literary Magazine: fiction, nonfiction, visual arts, or poetry.

Every iteration of the Doek Literary Festival is led by a design partner that creates the experiential aspects of the festival. Doek chooses a design partner with a proven track record of working with or promoting the arts in Namibia. Doek also chooses a venue partner that provides the hosting facilities for the festival.

Guided by an artistic spirit, Doek’s work focuses on the literary arts and seeks to build a locally-adapted, socially responsible, and transparent model for arts funding in Namibia.

While Doek’s primary mandate is supporting the literary arts in Namibia, it also seeks to connect Namibian storytellers with their counterparts on the continent and in the African diaspora.

The festival runs from the 21st to the 24th of August 2024 in Windhoek, Namibia.

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Bongiwe T. Maphosa

Bongiwe T. Maphosa

Bongiwe Maphosa is a budding author with a passion for storytelling. With her thought-provoking narratives, she takes her readers on a literary adventure. Bongiwe's works on the human condition from a fresh perspective have earned her recognition and publications in the Avbob Poetry Anthology of 2019, The Writer's Club of South Africa 2021, and JAY Lit in 2021. She hopes to cement her place in the literary community.